About us

Herewith to inform that by the mutual agreement of the shareholders Evgenii Kumantsov is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of joint stock company "BELUGA Projects Logistic" and will assume his new role on 11 March 2022.

All Company contact and registry details remain changed.

Legal and registry documents will be provided in copies on demand.

“Beluga Projects Logistic” is the leading expert in oversized and heavy cargo logistics in Russia and CIS. We have proven our business reputation though years of impeccable work in this field. Our company has chosen a high-tech development strategy, which made us nowadays the market leader in timely and safe delivery of oversized and heavy weight cargo.

We are the owner of a unique vehicle and lifting equipment fleet that allows us to carry out the most difficult transportations and installation jobs. Our fleet exclusively consists of the most innovative equipment produced by long-established leading manufacturers — Scheuerle, Faymonville, Enerpac, Greiner, Damen, Man, Volvo, etc. Our team of skilled and experienced managers and technicians received their training at the vehicle and lifting equipment manufacturer’s production sites and ensures that the most difficult transportation projects will be completed in time with minimal risk for the cargo.

Due to high quality of service and flexible pricing policy in 2013 “Beluga” could fix commitments and successfully complet eight integrated projects to hit the annual turnover of over 1 billion rubles (over USD 30 million). Largest companies in oil production and oil refining, energy branch (electrical energy industry, atomic energy industry, hydraulic power industry), mining industry trust their cargoes to “Beluga Projects Logistic”.