Installation works

Beluga Projects Logistic performs all types of activities related with oversized and heavyweight cargo installation. Taking into account the specific of such cargo, the scope of works for various objects includes:

  • Development of work production plan;
  • Lifting-lowering of oversized objects, up to 1300 T;
  • Handling of the object of any size and complexity;
  • Movement of object;
  • Foundation job;
  • Mantling and assembly.

The works are performed with Company’s own special rigging and lifting equipment: specialized sets of jacks, horizontal skidding system and hydraulic gantry system SBL 1100 with load capacity up to 1100 T. All the equipment used has proper certificates and has been preliminary tested.

Our highly qualified and certificated installation staff assures the quality of loading and unloading operations with oversized cargo to/from vehicle, as well as precise foundation jobs.

Rigging and lifting equipment:

  • Sets of jacks, lifting capacity 50-100 T;
  • EVO system, equalizing moving/lifting system by Enerpac;
  • Horizontal hydraulic skidding system by “Enerpac”;
  • Hydraulic gantry  “SBL 1100” by “Enerpac”, loading capacity 1100 T;
  • Integrated system of horizontal cargo movement by “Greiner”;
  • Set of beams deferent dimensions and capacity.

Please see more of our rigging and lifting equipment here.