Towage by sea and inland waterways

One of the priority activities of the company "Beluga Projects Logistic" is the towing of oversized, sea and river objects (submersible floating offshore platform, floating drilling platforms, stationary offshore platforms). Crews of tugboats are well-trained professionals with extensive experience, therefore, the services provided by our company, are highly effective in performing the entire complex of necessary operations.

Our own technical developments and a unique set of advanced technologies, especially in transportation in extreme climatic conditions, "Beluga Projects Logistic" allow us to meet the highest requirements of customers, providing them with reliable, efficient and safe transport facilities.

When organizing towing of floating objects, we offer the whole range of services "on a turn-key basis", namely:

  • selection of the route and the corresponding tug or tugboats
  • completion and design of the towing arrangement
  • engineering support (development of the project of overtaking - calculations of stability, a tow line, selection of places of refuges, arrangements for the conversion of the object, project approval in classification societies)
  • registration of customs formalities (obtaining a permit for navigation on Northern Sea Route, negotiating formalities for the ship to exit under a foreign flag to the point of unloading the cargo)
  • insurance of towing objects

One of the successful projects is towing of submersible floating offshore platform "Amazon" - weighing 6.9 thousand tons, which proceeded from the sea checkpoint of the Caucasus to the sea checkpoint Sabetta (the customer of OOO «Gazprom flot»)

Infrastructural construction in the development of offshore fields

The main export supplies of Russian oil products go through seaports. The port for shipment, or, as experts say, transshipment of oil and petroleum products - is a complex set of facilities and technical means to ensure the reception, temporary storage of hydrocarbons and their loading into the arriving tankers.

The development of offshore oil and gas fields requires the creation of unique structures - offshore fixed platforms, terminals and complexes. To establish such an object at one point in the middle of the open sea is a rather difficult task, the company "Beluga Projects Logistic" successfully manages such tasks.

The company "Beluga Projects Logistic" performs a complex of operations for such works, beginning with the design of works and equipment ending with the delivery of the object. The most significant project is the implementation of a complex works in the construction of temporary roadside transshipment complex "COLA" at the request of LLC "LK-Volga". The tanker "Kola" (340,000 dwt, almost 335 m long and 58 m wide) is used as a storage tank and is installed on the road of the Kola Bay (Cape Filinskiy, the port of Murmansk), which is installed in the project site with the help of 12 anchor connections consisting of anchorages weighing 220, 200 and 50 tons and anchor chains longer than 500 meters each link. Chains, anchor arrays after casting and drying were loaded in the port of Murmansk on the pontoon barge Damen Roverstar2 by Ro-Ro method. After delivery to the installation site, the chains were mounted in communications and on arrays and fell to the bottom of the Gulf (maximum fixed depth of 154.5 meters) to the locations identified by the project with a setting accuracy of 2 meters.

Thus, as a result of the successful commissioning of the temporary roadside transshipment complex through it, LUKOIL's export oil transshipment is carried out.