Sea freight

Water transportation of heavyweight and oversized cargo is performed taking into account various aspects: load capacity of the ship, its size and the possibility of securing cargo on deck or in cargo holds, cargo weight and size, rainfall and nautical characteristics of the ship, as well as compliance with the rules of international transportation of goods on ships.

For all loading-unloading operations and also for correct and safe positioning of cargo on the ship it’s necessary to make proper calculations.

According to project’s specifics and complexity transshipment at ports and temporary landing stages may be necessary during the transportation.

Feasibility of transshipment depends on the availability of required cargo handling equipment, operational space, proper storage place and qualified dockside workers. Together with the stevedores our staff develops a technical plan and a handling scheme for oversized cargo loading-unloading, its positioning at the port terminals and landing stages territory or loading on the rail transporters or trailers pulled by heavy haul trucks.

“Beluga Projects Logistic” barges classify for:

      • Class sea-river;
      • Safe use of the SBL 1100 hydraulic gantry system on the barge;
      • Direct transport from any port worldwide to a specially designed and constructed temporary Ro-Ro berth within Russian internal waters (rivers, lakes, locks);
      • Empty permissible draft of about 0,6 m or even less;
      • Ice class of Register of Shipping – barges are able to follow a motor ship in brash ice.

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