Oversized or heavyweight cargo transportation by road is one of the most important areas of our business.

Such transportation requires development of a special project document that needs to be approved by government agencies and controlling authorities. It is regulated according to “The Shipping instructions for Heavyweight and Oversized cargo by roads of the Russian Federation” which oblige the transporting company to have all the required permits and make thorough examination of all transshipment sites and the rout itself.

Our company performs all the stages of road transportations of heavyweight and oversized cargo. From obtaining permits and development of all paperwork to actually implementation of transporting with our own equipment and staff.

“Beluga Progects Logistic” road transport:

  • Heavy haul trucks by “Mercedes”, “MAN”, “Volvo”, load capacity 41 T;
  • Self-propelled modules by “Faymonville”, load capacity 100 T;
  • A wide range of modules MRF-4 by “Faymonville” to form trailers of certain configuration and capacity, load capacity of each 64T;
  • Hydraulic platform by “Faymonville”, load capacity 64 T;
  • Trailer modules by “Scheuerle” S0 PE6M, load capacity of 108 T, 216 T;
  • Perimeter bed by “Greiner”;
  • Perimeter bed by “Faymonville”;
  • Transformer bed by “Faymonville”;
  • Set of turntables.

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